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A Fashion Adventure with Color

One of my favorite things to incorporate this spring is color. I like wearing mostly muted tones with one brilliant item of color, it makes the item pop and keeps the color playful without being garish.
It can be difficult to wear some bright colors, but when you are wearing all black or all nude/cream tones then you have a safe canvas to play with. The color looks fresh and elegant.

The top is one I have had for a long time now, but always makes me think of a “safari” kind of feel. The necklace is one I found during my travels in Esteli, Nicaragua. The shorts are from Ando Store on YesStyle.com and an item I have been anxious to wear! I love the color and style. The high-waisted shorts with the button detail, and of course brilliant color, were a must have the moment I saw them.
I’ve been liking the high-waisted shorts lately, especially when done in this kind of style. They have a modern feel about them and are very feminine in the lines. They are fitted (so it doesn’t feel like something boyish or old). I have another pair from Marim, also from YesStyle.com, that is in navy blue with a tie in the front. I like wearing these styles of shorts with either a blouse or a body suit.
When worn with a blouse, you get this volume on top that is subtle and playful, and when you wear them with a body suit, you get a completely lean and feminine line. Both have very different attitudes that allow you to get more out of your wardrobe from a single pair of shorts.

High-waist skirts are a classic, but always make me think of the secretary look (not a bad thing; just a thing, lol). I like the high-waist shorts look, especially in a style like this, because it is modern and youthful.
Right now the focus for me is a balance between volume and clean lines, and using color to accent otherwise nude/black basic colors. For spring I am trying to go more with the nude/white and a splash of color for my wardrobe combinations. How about you? Have you been on a fashion adventure with color?

By: Teresa

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